High Elements

Vertical Playpen

This combination climbing apparatus includes rock climbing holds, a cargo net, and wooden beams. Can be used as an individual challenge or done in pairs. It is physically challenging as well as an intense trust-building activity.


Shuffle across a wire suspended 30 feet in the air with the help of dangling ropes that can be grasped. Designed to encourage healthy risk taking, as you push beyond to challenge yourself.

Leap of Faith

Climb up a 35 foot pole onto a platform. The participant must then leap from that platform to try and catch a trapeze a few feet away.

Postman′s Walk

Shuffle across a wire suspended 30 feet in the air with the help of another wire strung across about chest high. This element is an icebreaker to the other high ropes elements and is often chosen for novice groups.

Climbing Tower

A three-pole triangular wall with four 32 feet tall decks that participants must make their way up. Each side has its own unique characteristic that in turn creates its own skill level. This element is designed to encourage healthy risk taking, test perseverance, increase confidence, and develop team spirit through communication and support.


Participants walk across a pole (30 feet high) without anything to hold on to. Designed to build self esteem, confidence, and trust.