Low Elements

Do I Go?

Participants begin on one of four planks with two to three other people. These four planks are arranged in a cross like pattern. A swinging rope with a foot hold is suspended in the middle, slightly out of reach of all four planks. The objective is to swing to another plank that does not contain someone who was with you on your starting plank. The activity is complete when every member has changed planks, and is not on a plank with a person they started with.

Spider Web

The object is to move the group through the fabricated web without touching the cords which in-turn will ring a bell. Once a "hole" has been used, it is closed, not allowing anyone else to use it. At least two people must be lifted through enhancing trust and cooperation. It also touches upon ideas of success and failure.

Acid River

The participants start on a bank of an imaginary acid river. There are a number of tree stumps sticking above the river’s surface. The group has three planks which they may use to cross the river. If any group member falls off a plank or a stump while crossing the river, or should any of the planks touch or fall into the river, the group must start over again. Great for problem solving, patience, and getting the group to work as one unit.

All Aboard

A balancing act in every sense: this element will free the group from any remaining self-conscious feelings about touching. "The closer, the better" is the rule here, as the group tries to fit as many people as possible on the platform. A great element to start the day and get a group going.