Camp Fire Long Beach offers a variety of programs to meet a group’s goals and objectives. Each program is designed with your expected outcomes in mind.

Low Ropes and Initiatives

Low ropes and initiatives are designed to strengthen a groups problem solving, communication, trust, and awareness thru achieving a common goal. In this program option groups will participate in a variety of games, initiative problems, and challenges designed to create a more cohesive team. Throughout the day a trained facilitator will debrief with the group providing useful reflection of group dynamics and individual roles. It is thru this reflection that the day’s challenges transfer to everyday life.

For pictures and more details on some of our elements and initiatives please click on the links below.

All Aboard

The group tries to fit as many people as possible on a small 2x2 or 4x4 platform. A balancing act in every sense: this element will free the group from any self-conscious feelings about personal space and require them to develop and execute a plan. A great element to start the day, or get a group going.













Beeper Squares/Labyrinth

The group must work together to navigate a through a maze with only one correct path. The group will determine this path through trial and error. An element designed to emphasize learning from your mistakes and staying focused on the path ahead of you.


Bomb Removal

Your group must transport a bucket of “Toxic Waste” from the radiation zone to "neutralization area" using minimal equipment within a time limit. This activity focuses on time management, efficiency under pressure, communication, and problem solving.



Bull Ring

A small post with a ring at its base contains a ball perched upon it. Along the ring, are multiple yarn strings attached spreading out in every direction. A post, “X” amount of feet away, is the final location. Can the group, as a whole, move the ball to its preferable zone (another post). The ball is not allowed to be touched by hands. If the ball falls, the game restarts at the beginning. This activity will test communication skills, patience, and trust.

Do I Go?

A swinging rope with foot hold hangs in the center of a group of four wooden platforms. The group must transfer participants by swinging in order to finish on predetermined platforms. A fun activity that requires; communication, trust, cooperation and critical thinking.


Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Participants work together to transport marbles through a series of tubes and come out into the bucket or basket without touching the floor. Participants must think and act quickly very similar to our fast paced lives.




Head Potato

Each person will be assigned a role of a particular positon typical of an office setting (CEO, management, entry level, etc.). Each assigned role has specific rules of engagement and many of the roles require participants to be blindfolded. Within those rules of engagement the group must find all of Mr. Potato Head’s pieces and properly put him back together using only verbal cues from their team. This activity focuses on group productivity, communication, and delegation.


Land Ski’s

Participants work together to walk down a specific path on two planks with rope handles. This activity focuses on leadership, timing, communications, patience and focusing on collective effort.





Blindfolded participants will be paired with another non-blindfolded member(s) of the group, assigned with the task of traversing a designated area filled with “mines”. Each blindfolded member will attempt to make their way through the area avoiding the “mines”, by listening to the verbal instructions of their partner(s). A great exercise involving communication and trust, as well as a great metaphor of obstacles we face in life.


Magic Carpet

The group is charged with the task of turning over the magic carpet (tarp), without stepping off or touching the ground surrounding it. This activity will involve problem solving, comfort with in close quarters, leadership, and dealing with change.



Nitro Crossing

The entire group needs to get from one platform to another by only using a rope hanging between the two platforms. Group members must be careful not to touch the “lava ridden” ground in between. Not only must the entire group make it safely across the “lava”, they must also safely transfer a container filled with nitroglycerin (water) without spilling any of the contents. This element deals with success and failure, problem solving, and challenging your personal comfort zone.

Rock and Dock

The group needs to work together to balance a large teeter totter like platform. The group has a limited amount of errors allowed before penalties are enforced. There are many variations and levels of challenge with in this seemingly simple task. This element is great for addressing growth through challenge, cooperation, planning skills, and adaptability.



Spider Web

The group must cross through one side of the spider’s web to the other without touching the strings of the web. Once a web opening has been used, it closes and cannot be used again. This element will require participants to crawl, be lifted, and spotted in order for them to compete this task. A great element for building trust, creative problem solving, and integrity.


Steal the Fish

The group must retrieve of a rubber fish and get the fish and entire team back across the start line without the facilitator seeing them. Think team “red light green light”. This activity addresses developing and re-developing a plan, collaboration, and persistence.


Stepping Stones

The entire group must work together to get from one side of a designated area to another only using the provided “stepping stones”. This activity focuses on teamwork, communication, listening skills, focusing attention on group vs individual goals, and leadership.



High Ropes

High ropes is a unique high adventure experience comprised of elements 25-45 feet off the ground. This program component will challenge you both physically and mentally by supporting individuals to go beyond their comfort zone. The high ropes is a great in assisting with self discovery thru healthy risk taking, giving and receiving support, going beyond perceived limits, and performing under pressure.

All of our high elements operate on a dynamic belay system which typically involves a participant climbing up a pole, wall face, or vertical playpen, traversing across an element and being lowered down.

Every element on the high ropes course is equipped with a belay and harness system and is led by trained facilitators. All equipment is regularly inspected to meet all industry safety standards.

For pictures and more details on our high ropes elements please click on the links below.

Climbing Tower

Three-pole triangular wall with four 32 feet tall decks that participants must make their way up. Each side has its own unique characteristic that in turn creates its own skill level. This element is designed to encourage healthy risk taking, test perseverance, increase confidence, and develop team spirit through communication and support.








Participants walk across a pole (30 feet high) without anything to hold on to. Designed to build self esteem, confidence, and trust.




Postman’s Walk

Shuffle across a wire suspended 30 feet in the air with the help of another wire strung across about chest high. This element is an icebreaker to the other high ropes elements and is often chosen for novice groups.



Vertical Playpen

This combination climbing apparatus includes rock climbing holds, a cargo net, and wooden beams. Can be used as an individual challenge or done in pairs. It is physically challenging as well as an intense trust-building activity. This element can also be run as team belay where the group actually belays the climber.










Participants climb a pole to a foot cable suspended 30 feet in the air and traverse across with the help of stationary ropes hanging from a top wire. Designed to encourage healthy risk taking, as well as a great metaphor for pushing beyond what you think is within your grasp to reach your next goal.






Leap of Faith

Climb up a 35 foot pole onto a platform. The participant must then leap from that platform to try and catch a trapeze a few feet away.