Growing up takes a lifetime, but your child gets a “head-start” as part of a Camp Fire group. Groups are led by adult volunteer teams who use high-quality, developmentally appropriate national program materials.

There are four program levels: Starflight, grades K-2; Adventure, grades 3-5; Discovery, grades 6-8, and Horizon, grades 9-12.

“How can my child become part of a new group?”

  • New groups form when two or more interested adults agree to form a new Camp Fire group together.
  • New groups form with children in “side-by-side” grades (K & 1 or 1 & 2, for example).
  • A variety of recruitment materials are available which can be shared with other parents directly, or that can be distributed through pre-schools, schools, churches, and other communities of interest.
  • An orientation meeting is held between the interested leader team and/or interested parents with Camp Fire Council staff.

“My friend wants me to help start a Camp Fire group… Can you tell me more about Camp Fire?”

Camp Fire groups provide fun and friendship for kids through regularly scheduled group meetings, outdoor experiences, and service projects, all led by a team of trained parent volunteers.

“My family is so busy, how much time will Camp Fire take? How much time does it take to be part of a Camp Fire leader team?”

The time it takes to help your kids

  • Make new friends
  • Earn colorful badges and emblems doing fun projects
  • Give service to the community around your neighborhood
  • March in a parade or help at a carnival booth
  • Cook over a campfire and maybe even sleep under the stars!

“What if I am interested in my child being part of a new group but I don’t know someone who could be part of my leader team?”

That is often the case. Call the Camp Fire office and let our staff talk you through the process at that point.

“What happens at the orientation meeting?”

Camp Fire will provide you with a “New Leader Packet” which includes

  • Registration materials, transportation, and parent information
  • Record keeping charts
  • Information about uniforms, dues, and other financial questions of importance to parents.

For more information, please contact us here.